Difference between Hotel and Motel

Hotels and Motels Hotels are very important for you especially once you are travelling away from your home town. Hotels are the only shelter for you at a place where no one else is known to you but once you go out or you search for a hotel online you come across many names hotels and motels. It confuses you as you might not be knowing the difference between a hotel and motel thus you fail to choose the right place for yourself. This article will explain you that what is hotel and what is motel? Subsequently we shall also discuss difference between both.

What is Hotel?

An establishment which provides living and night stay facilities for short duration of time is known as hotel. Conventionally, a hotel is supposed to provide a small room with bedding facilities and a washroom, but with the modernization in all fields of life, hotels have also become versatile and lavish. Now days, you will find air conditioned or centrally heated rooms with telephone and television connections. Five star hotels even provide indoor swimming pools and restaurant facilities. Internet connections have also become integral part of hotel rooms. In short, these days you have various choices, therefore must check reviews regarding a particular hotel before making a reservation.

What is Motel?

The word Motel came in use after 2nd word war. The word is a combination of two words, motorist and hotel. In fact, motel is a place which provides night stay facilities, and they have large parking areas. The concept of motel is to provide overnight staying facilities to travelers on highways and also providing them parking areas for their vehicles.

Major Difference

To summarize, if we differentiate between hotel and motel stating one line, motel is type of hotel located on highways to allow travelers to spend night and take rest for further travelling, however a hotel allows you to stay for few number of days inside a city.