What is the difference between a hotel and a motel - good to know

Motel and hotel have lot of differences when compared among themselves. The word motel is combination of words “Hotel” and “motorist”. With the development of United States highways during the year 1920, many people started to use the expressways to reach different locations. Under such conditions, there evolved the concept of “motels” where motorists had the opportunity to park their vehicles and stay for the night. These motels provided shelter to all the motorists. With the evolution of this, many companies have created a chain of motels along all the important state and expressways.


Motels are usually constructed in a single storey building with good amount of parking space provided at the front. This provides the motorist to enter the motel area with their vehicle directly. All the rooms present in a motel have common patio and are faced towards the parking lot. Different motels also contain kitchen rooms unlike others which provide the motorists to cook their food. Many other motels have opened up small dine area in order to provide bed and breakfast for their customers.

Hotels are completely different from Motels. Hotels are usually located within the city and offers wide range of rooms for customers. They also have different restaurants present in the same building. Usually hotels are classified according to their star ratings provided. The rooms open up internally which are accessed by a passage. Many hotels are multi-storied and have different architectural buildings. Unlike motels, a customer can stay in a hotel as long as he wishes to stay. Many travelers and visitors from different places usually stay up in a hotel.

Both hotels and motels are looked upon by a committee called American hotels and motels association. The name of the committee was changed to American hotels and lodging association keeping in minds the changing cultures. Lodging provided the perfect term for many motels. Many motels have been now closed down due to the decrease in the rate of motorists. They had a very good period from 1920’s to 2000. With the evolution of aerospace and cheap flights, many preferred to travel by airlines offering different packages.

Hotels on the other hand have grown to a full capacity business. With globalization taking place, visitors, travelers and business people from different parts of the world are constantly travelling seeking the best hotel for accommodation. This has increased the competition in the market and many hotels provided additional services to capture the increasing demand. Now that you have understood the difference between a hotel and a motel, you will have to choose the one according to your trip. If you are planning to go by road, you can then choose any one of the motels that are spread around the expressways.

Many motels are now being managed by people belonging to Indian origin, especially Gujarati’s. This change in management started after the year 2000 where many motels were closed down. Though there are still few present across the expressways, there are in less numbers when compared those before the year 1990.